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Coffee Bag

It is an easy, single-use coffee bag that only requires hot water. It can be more delicious with a little devise.

Today, we introduce our recommended coffee bag recipe.

Hot coffee

1, Pour hot water up to 200 ml.

2, Stir with a spoon every 30 seconds, 5-6 times. 

3, Remove the bag after 2 minutes.

4, Ready to drink!

You can adjust the coffee concentration by stirring with a spoon.

It is easy to make a coffee that has sweetness without astringent flavors!




Quench ice coffee

1, Hot water100 mlPut coffee bag.

230Turn the spoon every second5−6I will not be called.

32Remove in minutes.

4, Pour the glass with ice.



Making the amount of hot water is half and easy to make quenching ice coffee.

Quenching ice coffee is a smooth texture, but it is good that there is a crisp and it is good.

Cold Brew

1200 mlPut coffee bag in water.

2Let's go to bed overnight in the refrigerator.




Speaking of the easiest ice coffee, it is this style. Since the time is extracted and extracted, it is difficult to get a defense of overexposure and it is a kind taste. If you felt a little thin, you can fine-tune the concentration as long as you surrender in a spoon.

If you turn it with this range, you can enjoy it like hot coffee. Recommended for busy people!

Please enjoy various recipes!