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About Us

Concept of Our Coffee

ou·bai·tou·ri is a four-letter Chinese character idiom (桜梅桃李), which literally means "cherry-blossom, plum, peach, apricot." During spring, each tree carries its originality and beauty that cannot be compared to others.

Just like these trees, each coffee tree blossoms beautifully in its own way. We would like to share that value and deliver you the best experience of coffee.

Light-roasted but still easy to drink with soothing acidity, the coffees we prepare for you are all fresh and bright specialty coffee in the height of the season. They have fruity sweetness and elegant but vibrant flavors.


These specialty coffees are served in the best way for your coffee style, from a single-served coffee bag to a set with a variety of coffees.

To be able to grasp the flavors and characteristics in each coffee bean, ou·bai·tou·ri uses Giesen as a coffee roaster, which is officially used in the World Coffee Roasting Championship.

Our challenge is to draw out each coffee's originality as much as possible through roasting, just like the phrase 'ou·bai·tou·ri'.

I hope you enjoy the colorful flavors of our seasonal coffees!


ou·bai·tou·ri coffee roasters

Machi Kodama
Sho Takanaka