Sakura Ume Momo Lee Coffee Seminar & Training (90 minutes)



I want to create a place for people who enjoy coffee and want to learn seriously.With that in hand, we open the coffee training room to the public and provide everyone with a place to learn.

The venue is Sumida-ku, Tokyo.


[About corona countermeasures]

As of March 2021, we have changed to a one-on-one course style, taking into account corona's influence.

The content of the lecture will not be specified, and the contents will be decided after you apply.

We will hold the meeting under a system that is fully in place. If you are far away, you can also take classes online.


【Attractiveness of seminars and training】


We will choose from five major categories and proceed with consultation.

  1. Hand Drip Coffee

  2. Espresso & Café Latte

  3. Roasting experience

  4. Taste Training (Cupping)

  5. Coffee Arrangement Drink


* For the time being, we do not lend roasting machines (share roasting).
However, as a place to learn, it is possible to use a roasting machine for consideration for opening. I think that the policy may change in the future, but if you are interested, please contact us once.


【Lecturer】Takashi Takanaka/Shinji Kodama (Kodama Town))/ Etc.

For details, please refer to member introduction.


* Please be assured that payment will not occur at the time of booking.

The staff will contact you in the future. (obtr-coffee.com send from your domain)

* When applying, if you have any requests, please fill in the remarks column, the desired time of your desired date, the contents you want to learn, and other requests.

Date of application:

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