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1CCC Champion Blend Coffee "Peach Rose Tea Flower Bouquet"

The winning blend of coffee from the 1ST CRACK COFFEE CHALLENGE, a roasting competition hosted by Giesen Japan, is finally available for purchase!

We are pleased to announce that Machi Kodama is the Champion for the year 2023. Thank you very much for your support!

Please click here to view the final presentation by Machi Kodama.

We had a pre-sale at SCAJ2023 last month, but due to many requests for the release of this product, we will start selling it to the general public, although in limited quantities.

We are also planning to hold a presentation seminar by Mr. Machi Kodama using these coffee beans around November, so please look forward to it.

Peach Rose Tea Flover Bouquet

Peachy tropical fruit sweetness with vanilla is followed by a lingering sweetness of rose tea and brown sugar through the finish. As it cools, enjoy the pleasant harmony of apricot fruit sweetness, jasmine and elderflower!

Blended Coffee Composition

Ethiopia Gotiti Reku WS Washed 50%
Panama, Altieri, Geisha, Natural DFS Chombi Lot 90+ 40%
Milan , Castillo, Culturing, NIU 10%

The beautiful floral, tea-like flavor profile of Ethiopia Gotiti Reku WS Washed, courtesy of our official sponsor Origin Country, is a perfect image of pale pink, and we blended the coffee beans to convey this characteristic to the fullest.

Competition Recipes
Extractor: French press
Bean to hot water ratio: 1 : 18
Extraction time: 16 minutes
The concept was to simply drink the cupping, which is the usual adjustment of the flavor of Oubaitouri coffee, as it is. Pour in hot water, break 3 times after 4 minutes, press the plunger, and after 16 minutes, strain through a paper filter and enjoy.
*Please let us know in the memo if you would like us to grind the powder.

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