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Roasting Policy

There are two policies for roasting.
The first one,Make the individuality of coffee beans with roasted colorful.
We OU BAI, TOU, RI Coffee Roasters aim for colorful roasting one by one coffee bean flavor. To that end, roasting all the coffee beans will keep their own lustries that the individuality of the single-or-or-oriented individual can be broken and expressed.

Generally speaking, it is a coached coffee shop.

The second isWe respect the roaster and learn to learn roasting technology.
Recent Specialty Coffee Roasting Technologies Incorporating scientific methods and have made progress rapidly, but we believe that they still have to be developed in the future, and we need to always learn You will. As a result, we will continue to work with constant effort and challenge to improve roasting technology, and we want to keep learning and keep in mind.



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