The coffee tree
Like Sakura Ume Momo Lee
Blooming beautiful flowers
Bear fruit.

We express that brilliance in a cup,
The best flavor experience
We will deliver.
It is easy to drink even if it is shallow roasting.
Fresh in season
We use the highest quality specialty coffee.
with a fruity soft sweetness
Gorgeous flavor.
Top quality specialty coffee
Feel free to have more coffee
So that you can enjoy
Coffee is available in one package.
We also have a special selection.

To enhance the personality of each coffee bean, the flavor is confined inside the bean and baked plumply. The roasting machine uses the official model of the World Congress.

This is the beginning of our new challenge.
Like Sakura Ume Momo Lee,
Each of the coffee's own
To make beautiful flowers bloom,
The thought of polishing individuality by roasting,
I could write it in the name of the shop.


By all means, the best colorful of the season
Enjoy the flavors!