For those who are looking for coffee beans for the first time
We have prepared the first trial set!

I want to enjoy a lot of kinds because it is good in a little! answered the request that
Luxury set of 20g x 6 sets is available.
Each one has a coffee of another brand and is completely sealed with aluminum vapor deposition.
Because it shuts off the air, the fresh aroma of seasonal coffee drifts when the seal is opened.
There are six types, so if you have one bag every day, you can brew it to do your best at work, such as moon, tuesday, water, wood, gold,
Saturday is a reward for yourself. I try to use it.
Brew it all at once and try to find your favorite coffee.
You can enjoy it freely according to your work life.
Through coffee, I would be happy if you could enjoy your everyday life and feel rich.

One contains 20g of beans and can extract two cups of coffee.
At the World Barista Championship's official grinder EK43
It can also be ground and sent.
If you like coffee, you may want to try using 10g each and changing the recipe.

The secret of our deliciousness is that coffee is in season.
The green shop in the town has more seasonal vegetables than usual.
We also have a small selection of seasonal coffees so that we can deliver coffee beans to everyone at the most delicious time.