In our shop, we use the official model Giesen W1A of the world competition,
It is carefully roasted in small quantities.
We will carefully roast and ship fresh coffee beans.


There are two policies for roasting.
The first isTo bring out the individuality of coffee beans colorfully by roasting.
Our ou.bai.tou·ri coffee roasters aim for colorful roasts where every coffee bean flavor shines. To that end, we try to roast all coffee beans by ourselves so that the individuality of single origin can be expressed brilliantly.

The second isIn order to maximize the deliciousness of coffee beans, it is important to learn roasting techniques.
The roasting technology of specialty coffee in recent years has made rapid progress. Therefore,ou.bai.tou·ri coffee toasters to tell our customers the best of their tasteWe will continue to make constant efforts and challenges to improve our roasting technology.