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Panama Geisha Fortune Pack!!


A special "fortune pack" with various Panama geishas is released! This is a Golden Week adventurous package from ou·bai·tou·ri, which contains 7 types of coffee beans.

Amount and varieties would be:
20g x 7 types / 50g x 7 types / 100g x 7 types (limited to 5 of each)
Free shipping in Japan!

Special Features about this 
Panama Geisha Fortune Pack:

- Gorgeous 7 different Panama Geishas

- You can enjoy a journey through a variety of coffees from famous farms to small ones in Panama!

- The roasting process can be a one-shot deal. Honestly, we do not know how these will turn out either; let's try our lucks together! Enjoy the thrill and unexpected experience!

- We will be having contents related to this product! (such as, listing comments from the OBTR members, conducting a poll on which coffee you liked, and etc.)

- If the responses are good, we may start selling the popular coffees regularly!

- An adorable "Geisha" on the package, specifically designed for this product (special thanks to the incredibly remarkable designer Taso Curry!)

We at ou·bai·tou·ri are on a daily journey of searching and acquiring delicious coffee beans. Why don't you join us in our quest to find those shining gems? So, we'd rather like to make this as some kind of project for you to participate. The very first journey is for geishas from Panama, including some that we have not yet tried and evaluated. 

This time, we will send you seven kinds of coffee beans, which will be roasted in the late April and delivered to you then.

We are also planning to make contents related to these coffees, as well as gathering comments from the members and having a popularity poll from you. Depending on your opinions, the coffee may be added to the future lineup.

We will continue to come up with plans that will make your daily life more enjoyable through coffee, so please stay tuned!

Coffee beans to be shipped are:

1. Panama Auromar Finca La Aurora Geisha
Region: Volcan, Tiquilin Province
Plantation: Aurora Farm / Cafe de Elettamil
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1570-1770m
Process: Washed

2.  ? (Information to be released on April 25)

3.  ? (Information to be released on April 26) 

4.  ? (Information to be released on April 27)

5.  ? (Information to be released on April 28)

6.  ? (Information to be released on April 29)

7.  ? (Information to be released on April 30)

(Details will be released around the dates stated.)

**Please read this before purchasing**

Some beans may be roasted one shot. In that case, we cannot promise the quality like our regular lineups, but we hope you get to share some discoveries with us and enjoy the live experience. 

If you would like to order ground coffee or coffee bags, please let us know in the memo during payment.


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