El Injerto Legendary Geisha washed【Elegant Earl Grey】


Flavors: Elegant Earl Grey, velvety smooth texture,

This coffee has a richness of amazingly fragrant Earl Grey, velvety, smooth texture. As it cools down, the sweetness extends even more. Enjoy the private auction lot from a prestigious farm, with its unforgettable elegance.

*Limited time only!

Sweetness / ★★★☆☆

Acidity / ★★☆☆☆

Bitterness / ★☆☆☆☆

Sales start: January 2021


Country: Guatemala
Region: Pena Blanca
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1,610m
Process: Washed

Finca El Injerto (El Injerto Plantation) is a historical coffee plantation that has been growing coffee since 1900 in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, northwestern Guatemala. With a total area of 750 hectares (245 hectares of coffee, 400 hectares of fruits, grains, and ornamental plants, and the remaining 350 hectares of virgin forest), it is one of the most famous specialty coffee farms in Guatemala and the world.

It is one of the most famous specialty coffee farms not only in Guatemala but also in the world. The altitude is between 1,500m and 1,920m, and the annual average temperature is 22℃, the precipitation is 1,800-2,000mm, the humidity is 70%, and the sunshine hours are about 8 hours.

The owner of the farm is Arturo Aguirre Escobar, who is the third generation, and he and his son Arturo Aguirre Jr. are the fourth generation.

They are regular winners of the Cup of Excellence, having won the competition seven times in the past.

The variety is Geisha, an indigenous Ethiopian variety found in the Geshwa region of Ethiopia.

El Inherto's Geisha was acquired by Aguirre Escobar from his friend, Esmeralda Plantation in Panama, during his trip to Panama. It is produced as a Legendary Geisha because the Esmeralda Estate's Geishas are regarded as "Legendary".

In the 2017 Cup of Excellence, Legendary Geisha won second place with 90.19 points.

◎ We will ship fresh coffee beans within 2 weeks of roasting. Please let us know at the time of order if you wish the specific roasting date. Our coffee is best on the 14th to the 28th day from the roasting day.

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