El Paraiso Double Anaerobic Rose Tea Lot 【Rose Tea】


Flavors: rose tea, smooth texture , peach, peach , vanilla , hint of rosemary

A gentle aroma and sweetness of rose tea, with a smooth texture that lingers pleasantly. Enjoy the aftertaste like peach and vanilla, with a hint of rosemary.

Sweetness  ★★★☆

Acidity ★★★☆☆

Bitterness  ★★☆☆☆

◎Coffee bean information

Colombia El Paraiso Farm
Altitude: 1,700m or more
Refining process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation
Production area: Piendamo district, Cauca Province
Breed: Castillo

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez (Diego Samuel Bermudez)

Diego Samuel Bermúdez was obsessed with the appeal of the coffee business 13 years ago and has been working on coffee making with a passion for self-realization, even if it was poorly funded. It is called the forerunnay of Colombian Anaerobik. Today, we have thoroughly researched the creation of taste with post-harvest, created new flavors using anaerritic fermentation and unique drying methods, and spread their name to the world year after year.

* 2018 Colombian COE Double Anaerovic Instrumentation 10th place in the selected lot.

= Biggest feature: Making taste with post-harvest =
The post-harvest process is carried out at the El Paraiso plantation, located at an altitude of 1,930m.
We add ingenuity to anaerritic fermentation and drying methods to create different flavors.

Anaeric fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 18 degrees for 48 hours in the state of cherries, and anaertic fermentation is performed again at a temperature of 19 degrees for 96 hours after de-pulping.
In the washing process, it is washed with 40 degrees of hot water first, and then washed again with 12 degrees of water.
In the drying process, it is dried for 34 hours in an environment with a temperature of 35 degrees and a humidity of 25 degrees, and the moisture value is 11%.

The mellow flavor and sweetness of strawberry yogurt rushes into your mouth, and the smooth texture lingers pleasantly. Enjoy the finish with a hint of peach and vanilla.

Colombia La Paraiso Farm
Altitude:1,700m and more
Process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation
Region: Cauca, Piendamo
Variety: Castillo

◎About the roasting day to deliver

We will ship fresh coffee beans within 2 weeks of roasting. Please let us know at the time of order if you wish the specific roasting date. Our coffee is best on the 14th to the 28th day from the roasting day.

Way of fun:

Our shop will basically be "reception roasting" to roast coffee beans after ordering. If you have a request, you can also send out stock beans.

場合 In the case of "order roasting"

After ordering, we will carefully roast and ship within 2 days from the roasting date.

※ Please note that depending on the order status may have fluctuations.


場合 When "immediately shipping"

If you want to send it immediately, you can deliver the latest inventory beans immediately. Please say "Delivery immediately" hope of the order when ordering. We will send you something within one week from the roasting date. The guidelines for our shops are the best from 14th to 28th.

※ Please note that depending on the order situation, may not be this limited. In this case, we will contact you by email.


There are some products that can not be selected by the product, so please refer to the product details in detail.




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