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International Shipping Monthly Exclusive Set


International Shipping Monthly Exclusive Set  (100g x 4 varieties / 50g x 4 varieties )

Since it is May, there is a new exclusive package of seasonal coffee selections ready for our international customers! (Sorry, finally!) There are always some special beans for you to try, changing on monthly basis. Please have this opportunity to know ou·bai·tou·ri better!

Please see the detail below for the selections and other information!


The background and details of the Exclusive Set:

We are greatly thankful that many of you have tried our International Shipping Trial Exclusive Set, which was our first attempt to regularize international shipping at ou·bai·tou·ri. Since it was a success, we would like to continue offering the set monthly, with various fresh coffee selections. (This month's selection is in the description below in bolded.)

What's best about this set is that shipping is included in the price! (We kept this part from the trial!) You do not have to worry about where you live or how much the shipping would cost to receive; it is all in the set for you. 

If you want to have seasonal recommended (and exclusive) coffees, please have a try, and you won't regret it!

*Please write down in the comment section during the payment, if you would like ground coffee for the set.

*Also, we recommend you to check if the delivery system (DHL) will be able to reach your country or not 

before you make an order. For more details, please click here or go to the International Shipping Fee page. 

*If you would like to make individual orders from each product, the fee for international shipping will be applied. Due to the system's functionality, please contact us first to avoid the double-payment in shipping. Also, visit the link for the fees here. 

*The prices are set specifically for this set. It may be subject to change. 

*Please understand that a receiver is responsible for any custom or handling fees that occur once a package is sent from Tokyo, Japan.

Honduras El Puente Geisha Washed

The prestigious, well-known geisha from El Puente Farm is here with ou·bai·tou·ri for limited time! The exquisite Jasmine aroma and flavor with the lychee gentle sweetness are easy noticeable as you take your first sip. Tangerine and oro blanco-like fresh acidity can be quite interesting as well.

La Primavera Natural Anaerobic

This Colombian coffee processed in anaerobic natural has ripe fruit flovors like pomegranate and guava, with pleasant tannins like a light red wine. Juicy Kyoho grape and chocolate lingering on the finish. It is characterized by a good balance in total.

Panama Ruiz Selection Geisha Honey

This Panama Geisha has a graceful violet aroma with the elegance of tea. The process is honey, and you can enjoy the delicate sweetness reminiscent of white grape and Melogold. The change in texture and flavor at different temperatures with this cup is enjoyable along with the exquisite flavors.

Secret Choice of OBTR!

We will choose one special seasonal coffee that completes this exclusive set! Let us know if there is anything you prefer to have, and we will try our best to include it. (Not guaranteed.)



1. Honduras El Puente Geisha Washed
Country: Republic of Honduras
Region: Chinacura, La Paz Province
Producer: Marysabel Caballero Garcia
Plantation: El Puente
Altitude: 1,500m ~ 1,680m
Variety: Geisha
Production Process: Washed

Marysabel was born into a family of four generations of Honduran coffee growers, and has been involved in coffee production with her parents since she was a child. Currently, she and her husband, Moises, who is from Guatemala, are engaged in coffee production at El Puente.

She has been participating in the Cup of Excellence since the inaugural competition in 2004, placing 2nd in 2005 and 8th in 2006, and has also been growing Geisha coffee since 2006.

Marysabel and her husband are very passionate about producing high quality coffee, and they are actively growing new varieties to see which ones are best suited for the farm.

They are also actively working to improve the living standards of the local community and farm employees by building classrooms and cafeterias at two schools near the farm, donating educational materials, and selecting one worker each year to help with the cost of building a house.

2. La Primavera Natural Anaerobic
Country: Colombia
Region: San Agustin Argentina
Farm: La Primavera
Variety: Arabica/Catura subspecies, Bourbon subspecies
Altitude: 1700-1850m
Process: Natural Anaerobic

On sweetness, mouthfeel, clean cup, and flavor quality, this natural has a strong sense of the Colombia Huila region's characteristics and a different cup profile than traditional naturals.

For the selection of the coffee cherries, we procure the raw materials from farmers who grow the Caturra and Bourbon subspecies in the Argentina region, sort the cherries by weight using a floater, and select only fully ripe cherries. The fermentation process is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic to create clean and unique flavors. After the cherries are fermented, they are slow dried in the sun and African bed drying (shadow drying) for 60 days. After the drying process is complete, the cherries are stored in a warehouse for at least 20 days before being threshed. After the drying process is complete, the grain is left in the warehouse for more than 20 days before it is threshed, and then sorted by hand to remove any defects such as unevenness in the drying process.

It is a delicate refining process that takes a lot of time and effort, but every year the coffee is wonderfully crafted for an unprecedented coffee experience.

3. Ruiz Selection Geisha Honey

Country of origin: Panama
Region: Jaramillo, Alto Quiel, Orquesta and Callejón Seco, Boquete District, Chiriqui Province
Producers: Several coffee farmers in the Boquete region
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1500-1600m
Process: Honey


K&R Specialty Coffee was founded by Plinio Ruiz, a former owner of the Berlina plantation. He exports Panama coffee all over the world. He cupped and blended coffees from the Boquete region to create this honey processed Geisha.

The Boquete region is one of the oldest coffee growing areas in Panama. Many of 'the Best of Panama' winners have come from the Boquete region. Some of the farms are well known and major, but there are also many small and unknown producers. This is where Plinio Ruiz got his start. Even unknown producers make good Geisha. Plinio went door to door, cupped, blended, and created the Ruiz Selection.


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