Costa Rica

Las Lajas Micromill Finca Sabana Redonda SL28 Natural [American Cherry]


Flavors: American Cherry, Rum, Cassis, Mix Berry, Complex

The dynamic American cherry flavor and rich aroma of rum. This bean has a complex impression, with various berry-like sweetness and acidity and glimpses of Costa Rican nuttiness.

Sweetness / Sweetness★★★


Acidite / acidity★★★☆☆

Bitter and bitterness ★☆☆☆☆

Sales start: December 2020


Las Lajas Micromill-Finca Sabana Redonda-SL28-Natural
Production Country Costa Rica

Sun Vanilla District Alafuela, Central Valley

Finger Sabana RedondaFarm
Seed SL28

1450-1600 m
Production processing Natural

The Las Lahashi Myclomir's third generation Oscar and Franciska Conductor is a producer that tilts about quality and conviction, and it can be said that it is the most known existence by starting to make honey coffee earliest in Costa Rica It will be.
Chakons are serious about the impact of coffee production, and are one of the few of the micro mills that are submitted in this area. With global warming and climate change, Chakon is considering whether to create a shade tree proliferation for relieving the heat of the farm and an irrigation system to prepare for the elevated rainfall in recent years. Oscar introduces flesh removal machines to reduce water usage, and all coffees are treated with natural or honey, so the amount of water used in this mill is very small.

COUNTRY: Costa Rica
Sabanilla De Alajuela, Central Valley
Sabana Redonda
1450-1600 m
Process: Natural


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