Costa Rica

La Rocka Villaalobos Anaerobic Natural [Fruit Chocolat]


Flavors: Fruit Chocolate, Merlot Wine, Pink Pepper, Nutty Finish, Maple Syrup

Fruit flavor Bonbon Chocolate flavor and sense of wine of medium body that can be felt from natural purification fermentationI can enjoy it. The aftertaste also has a flavor of Costa Rica's nuts, and there is also a slight pepper spicy. There is a texture like maple syrup. Please try once.

You can Enjoythe fruity bonbon chocolate flavor and the medium-bodied winey feel from the natural process fermentation. It also has the nutty flavor of Costa Rica, with a slight peppery spiciness. This Villalobos variety, with a texture like maple syrup, is worth a try.


Sweetness / Sweetness★★★☆☆

Acidite / acidity★★★☆☆

Bitter and bitterness ★☆☆☆☆

Sales start: January 2021


Costarica / La Rocka Coffee State Tarrazu Costa RicaLa Rocka Farm
Production Country Costa Rica
areaTallas district San Pablo
Farm Garden La RokaFarm
Production processing Anasero Bic Natural

The production area is an area of ​​2100 meters highest in the Tallas district, a highest Tallas area in the Tallas district of specialty coffee, and a plant or primary forest forms a forest, and there are many unwanted nature and coffee in a place where there are many unnatural nature I am aiming for symbiosis.

Since more than 10 M rocks are dotted in the way to the farm, La Rocka (rock) becomes a symbol of the farm name.
La Rocka Farms are operated by Ruddyasofeifa and Felipeospina, and both experience and technology can be combined to produce high quality lots.

Rudy is a producer with a prize result of Cup of Excellence, and son's R.alonso has qualifications of Q grader and Q process, and can be done with the family from cultivation to quality control, and Felipe is Q process. We will develop a producer as a lecturer, and have a face as a producer, and deliver the wonderful quality Costa Rican Coffee every year.

In 2020, the first harvest lot produces the three purification methods of washt, honey and natural, and the fermentation method is all about 3 times with anaerobic fermentation (Anaelo Bic) and 3 times and processed Is.


Costarica / La Rocka Coffee State Tarrazu Costa Rica La Rocka Farm
COUNTRY: Costa Rica
Region: San Pablo, Tarazzu
Farm: La Rocka
Variety: Villaalobos
Altitude: 2100 m
Process: Anaerobic Natural

The production area is San Pablo, the highest altitude area at 2100m in the Tarazzu region, which is famous for its specialty coffee production, where African-origin plants and virgin forests cover, and where a lot of untouched nature remains.

ON THE WA TO THE PLANTATION, ROCKS OVER 10 Meters High ARE Scattered Around, WHICH IS Why La Rocka (The Rock) BeCame A Symbol and The Origin of the Plantation's Name.
La Rocka Is Run by Ruddy Asofeifa and Felipe Ospina, Whose Combined Experience and Skills Enable Them To Produce High Quality Lots.

Rudy is a Cup of Excellence award-winning producer, his son R.Alonso is a Q grader and Q process certified, and the family is able to handle everything from cultivation to quality control. Felipe is a Q process instructor and producer himself, and Has Been Delivering Excellent Quality Costa Rican Coffee to US Every Year.

The first lot of coffee to be harvested in 2020 will be produced in three different processes:. Washed, honey, and natural All fermentation methods are anaerobic (anaerobic), and the coffee is processed through two or three fermentations.

◎ について About the roasted date to be delivered

From roasting 2We will ship fresh coffee beans within weeks.If you have requests such as the desire for roasting today, please inform the notes when ordering.When I drinking our shop's coffee is about 2 to 3 weeks from the roasting dateis.

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