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Ethiopia Fortune Pack !!!


A special Fortune Pack of the season's best, Ethiopia!

We have put together an adventurous tasting package that includes 10 different types of Ethiopian coffee beans to enjoy this fall!

50g x10 types set (limited to 10)

20g x10 types set (limited to 10)

Why you should try our Fortune Pack:

- A set of 10 kinds of Ethiopian coffee beans to enjoy!

- You can enjoy a "journey" through a variety of coffees from famous plantations to macro lots!

- The roasting can be a one-shot deal. Will we be lucky enough to find the shining gem out of these Ethiopian beans? 

- Extra contents coming up! (comments from ou·bai·tou·ri staff and a popularity poll from you, etc.)

- Depending on your reviews, it may even be added to our lineup!

This is the third in the series of Fortune Pack, which you will be joining us in the process of finding new coffee selections that stand out from our potential lineups.

This time, the theme of our adventure is "the taste of Ethiopia"!

Ethiopia is very popular in Japan, and this is the season when most Ethiopian coffee arrives in Japan! Recently, many interesting coffees can be found in Japan, not only in terms of processing methods, but also with various creative elaborations. And, some of these coffees we have yet to experience. 

This time, we will deliver you a total of 10 types of Ethiopian coffee, which will be roasted in mid-September.

We would like to have contents related to these coffees, comments from the members of ou·bai·tou·ri, as well as a popularity poll. Depending on your opinions, the coffee may be added to the future lineup of ou·bai·tou·ri. We will continue to come up with events that will make your daily life more enjoyable through coffee, so please stay tuned!

Beans to Be Shipped

No.1 ALAKA Washed
Origin : Ethiopia
Region : Guji, Oromia
Producer : METAD
Variety : 74110 / 74112
Altitude : 2,100m
Processing : Washed
Crop year : 2019-20

No.2 Natural (To be released soon)

No.3 Natural (To be released soon)

No.4 Washed (To be released soon)

No.5 Anaerobic (To be released soon)

No.6 Natural (To be released soon)

No.7 Honey (To be released soon)

No.8 Gesha (To be released soon)

No.9 Natural (To be released soon)

No.10 Decaf (To be released soon)

**Please read this before purchasing**

Some beans may be roasted for the first time, in one shot. In that case, we cannot promise the quality like our regular lineups, but we hope you get to share some discoveries with us and enjoy the thrilling experience. 

* If you would like to order ground coffee or coffee bags, please let us know in the memo during payment.


Our shop will basically be "reception roasting" to roast coffee beans after ordering. If you have a request, you can also send out stock beans.

場合 In the case of "order roasting"

After ordering, we will carefully roast and ship within 2 days from the roasting date.

※ Please note that depending on the order status may have fluctuations.


場合 When "immediately shipping"

If you want to send it immediately, you can deliver the latest inventory beans immediately. Please say "Delivery immediately" hope of the order when ordering. We will send you something within one week from the roasting date. The guidelines for our shops are the best from 14th to 28th.

※ Please note that depending on the order situation, may not be this limited. In this case, we will contact you by email.


There are some products that can not be selected by the product, so please refer to the product details in detail.




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