Wahana Wahed【Floral Green Tea】


Flavors: Jasmine, green tea, orange

It is a unique coffee that can not be expressed in one words, with a refreshing green tea and orange flavor in a jasmine-like aroma. It is a gorgeous coffee that is not usually found in Indonesian coffee.

Sweetness / sweetness★★★☆☆

Acidity / Acidity★★★☆☆

Bitterness / Bitterness ★☆☆☆☆

Wahana Farm Longberry, North Sumatra
Altitude: 1,250-1,300m
Breed: Wahana Longberry
Purification treatment: Washed

This flavor. I've never had any other coffee. Coffee is not "unique" with an impact, but quietly "unique".

Long berries are derived from Ethiopia and are approximated by the Tippika species of Haller longberry. In Indonesia, it was cultivated only in the Aceh area. Wahana Longberry started production at Wahana Farm. As a result, it has a different personality as "Wahana LongBerry" than Aceh LongBerry.

Sales start May 2020

It's a unique coffee that can't be put into words, with a jasmine-like aroma and crisp green tea and orange flavors. It's a gorgeous coffee that you won't find in your average Indonesian coffee.

Wahana Farm Long Berry, North Sumatra
Altitude: 1,250-1,300m
Variety: Wahana long berry
Process: Washed

Never had any other coffee that can replace Wahana Longberry. It may not be "unique" with an impact, but "unique" with its own characters hiding.

The Longberry is of Ethiopian origin and closely resembles the Haller Longberry (Typica.) In Indonesia, it was cultivated only in the Aceh area. Wahana Longberry are the first to be produced at Wahana Farm. As a result, it takes on a different character as the "Wahana Longberry" than the Aceh Longberry.


◎About the roasting day to deliver

We will ship fresh coffee beans within 1 week of roasting.Please let us know at the time of order if you wish on the roasting date, such as order roasting.Our coffee drinking time is from the roasting day to the 14th to the 28th day.Is.

Way of fun:

Our shop will basically be "reception roasting" to roast coffee beans after ordering. If you have a request, you can also send out stock beans.

場合 In the case of "order roasting"

After ordering, we will carefully roast and ship within 2 days from the roasting date.

※ Please note that depending on the order status may have fluctuations.


場合 When "immediately shipping"

If you want to send it immediately, you can deliver the latest inventory beans immediately. Please say "Delivery immediately" hope of the order when ordering. We will send you something within one week from the roasting date. The guidelines for our shops are the best from 14th to 28th.

※ Please note that depending on the order situation, may not be this limited. In this case, we will contact you by email.


There are some products that can not be selected by the product, so please refer to the product details in detail.




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