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International Shipping Trial Exclusive Set


International Shipping Trial Exclusive Set  (100g x 4 varieties)

*International customers only! For domestic customers, please select other products offered on the website.


Guatemala El Injerto  Reserva del Comendador PANDORA PACAMARA x 100g

It has a mellow sweetness of amaretto with elegance and a hint of honey. When cools down, it becomes more like mandarin orange and blackcurrant.

Colombia El Paraiso x 100g

This coffee has a rich aroma and sweetness reminiscent of strawberry yogurt, with a smooth texture that lingers pleasantly. It has a smooth texture and a pleasant finish with hints of peach and vanilla.

Panama Auromar Finca La Aurora x 100g

This is an elegant Geisha variety with a gentle, floral flavor with hints of champagne, marmalade and elderflower.

Secret Choice of OBTR! x 100g

We will choose one special seasonal coffee that completes this exclusive set! Let us know if there is anything you prefer to have, and we will try our best to include it. (Not guaranteed.)


And, what's best about this set is that shipping is included in the price! This is a limited-time offer for all of you willing to try out the new system before it becomes official. So do not miss this chance! (There is a possibility that this set will continue, but the price and options may be adjusted in the future.) 

Please write down in the comment section during the payment, if you would like ground coffee for the set.

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1. Guatemala El Injerto 2020 EI08 Reserva del Comendador PANDORA PACAMARA
Production area: Injerto Plantation, Pandora Area
Altitude: 1,740m
Process: Washed
Production Area: Huehuetenango, La Libertad
Variety: Pacamara

El Injerto is now one of the most famous specialty coffee farms in the world, and its name first appeared on the world stage at the 2002 Guatemala Cup of Excellence. Two of the 33 Winning farms were nominated, and one of them won third place on its debut. This gorgeous, floral, and winey coffee continued to captivate people around the world, and finally won first place at the 2008 COE, setting the highest price for a Guatemala COE at $80.20 per pound.

The first owner of this plantation was Jesús Aguirre in 1874. He began by growing sugar cane, tobacco leaves, etc. and started growing coffee in 1900. Injerto is named after a fruit that grew wild in the area. Today, the third and fourth generations of Aguirre's family have been managing the plantation since 1956, and it is known as one of the best coffee plantations in the world in both name and reality.

2. Colombia El Paraiso
Farm: La Paraiso Farm
Production Area: Cauca, Piendamo
Altitude: Over 1,700m
Process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation
Variety: Castillo
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez

Diego Samuel Bermúdez fell in love with the coffee business 13 years ago, and although he had little money, he has been making coffee with zeal. He has been called Colombia's foremost expert in anaerobics. Today, he has thoroughly researched post-harvest flavor development, and has created new flavors using anaerobic fermentation and unique drying methods, and has been acclaimed each year.

In 2018, El Paraiso won 10th place in the Colombian COE Double Anaerobic Fermentation.

The most important feature of El Paraiso is post-harvest flavor development. The post-harvest process is conducted at the El Paraiso Estate, located at an altitude of 1,930 meters. Anaerobic fermentation and drying methods are used to create different flavors.

The cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation at 18 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, and again at 19 degrees Celsius for 96 hours after being de-pulped.
In the washing process, the cherries are first washed in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius and then washed again in the water at 12 degrees Celsius.
In the drying process, they are dried at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and humidity of 25 degrees Celsius for 34 hours to achieve a moisture content of 11%.

3. Panama Auromar Finca La Aurora Washed

Region: Volcan, Tiquilin Province
Plantation: Aurora Farm / Cafe de Eletta mil
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1570-1770m
Process: Washed

Auromar Farm is a project by two families, the Brenas family, who runs the farm, and the Eletta family, who runs the washing mill. The project was launched in 2006 with the aim of producing high quality Geisha coffee with greater precision through cooperation between the farm and the mill, as well as to improve the living and educational environment for the people working on the farm and to reduce the burden on the environment. The annual rainfall is 3,500 mm, which is quite high for a coffee growing environment, but this is said to be enhancing the terroir and the flavors of Geisha. The complex flavors in the cup of Aurora coffee are the result of the synergy of the forest environment, shade control, rainfall, and the climate during the harvest season.

The production process itself is very traditional, but like the production at Aurora, the wet process and drying at Café do Eleta Mill is done with great care and attention to detail. The Café do Eletta Mill is located three kilometers from the plantation, which allows ample time for re-sorting after harvest and immediate processing afterwards. After pulping, the grapes are dried on the mill's concrete patio, where they are also sorted twice during the drying process. After drying is complete, it is finished with a six-week resting period to even out the moisture content.

In 2012, the farm was awarded "The Rarest of the Rare" by Starbucks. In 2012, the farm was awarded "The Rarest of the Rare" by Starbucks. The following year, in 2013, it won the Best of Panama Geisha Washed category, and in 2014, it was sold in Japan and ranked #1 in Coffee Review's Top 30 Coffees in the U.S., making the farm known all over the world.

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401g-800g 486(税込)
801g-1200g 729(税込)
1201g-1600g 972(税込)
1601g-2000g 1215(税込) 
2001g over





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