Decaf Shakiso Natural 【フローラル】


Flavors: fruity likefresh green plum, green apple, floral, walnut, molasses, tea-like



For decaf lovers, pregnant women, mothers raising children, and everyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee at night, we've got you covered!

It has a gorgeous floral taste typical of Ethiopia, a fruity taste reminiscent of fresh green plums and green apples, and a complex, pleasantly sweet aftertaste reminiscent of walnuts and brown sugar. There is little discomfort unique to decaffeination, and it is as refreshing and easy to drink as black tea.

The fresh and fruity decaf is only available at this time of the year, so if you haven't experienced it before, please enjoy it!


甘さ / sweetness ★★★★☆

酸味 / Acidity       ★★★☆☆

苦み / Bitterness  ★☆☆☆☆




Shakiso, Guji
標高: 1850m~2200m
品種: 在来種
精製処理: Washed, デカフェ(カフェインレス)マウンテンウォータープロセス

エチオピアの主要産地であるシダモエリアでイルガチェフィに次いで、スペシャルティコーヒーの産地として有名なグジ シャキソ地区。

Tade GG農園のオーナーであるTasfaye氏は、シャキッソの土地が国内最高峰の標高2,000m、火山灰質で肥沃なことや、同地域が熱帯雨林であり、雨量が豊富にあることなどから、同農園がコーヒー栽培に適していることを確信していました。元農学者という経験を生かし、独自で研究した栽培手法や、コロンビア等、他マイルドコーヒー生産国の栽培手法等を積極的に取り入れています。

This is a specialty coffee grade, decaffeinated bean made with the Mountain Water Process. Despite the decaffeination, the coffee has not lost its floral qualities and has a floral flavor, which can often be found in Natural-processed beans.

Shakiso, Guji
Altitude: 1850m~2200m
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural, decaffeinated by Mountain Water Process

The Guji Shakiso area is famous for producing specialty coffee in the Sidamo area, the main production area of Ethiopia, after Yirgacheffe.

Tasfaye, the owner of the Tade GG plantation, was convinced that Shakiso's land, the highest in the country at 2,000 meters above sea level, is well suited for coffee cultivation; volcanic and fertile, and the area is a tropical rainforest with abundant rainfall. As a former agronomist, he has actively incorporated his research methods and those of other Mild coffee-producing countries like Colombia.





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