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Coffee Tips

◎頃 Coffee drinking period

In our shop, it is the most drinking day from the roasted day to the 14th to 28th.

Literature and delicious period are greatly affected by the good and bad roasting.
For example, roasting in a short time with a strong firepower is likely to be a strong cup of strong flavor, while the flavor may fall in a few days. Therefore, in our shop, the roasted people with technology are responsible and carefully roasted carefully.
Not only is coffee beans keep in mind that they can last longer, but
Depending on the number of days, the taste that looks like a change of the four seasons will also change little by little. I hope you enjoy coffee carefully.

※ Depending on the product, there is also a case where you want to enjoy the roasting period and ships with the desire to enjoy the best. Please note

方法 How to save coffee beans

It is a sealed bag and recommended storage at normal temperature.
There is also an advantage in the preservation in the refrigerator, but the temperature difference may drop the flavor that contains moisture.
We hope that the change of the natural body slowly changing tastes will also be enjoyed like the turn of the season.


Recommended method for long-term storage

Long-term storage is the best freezer. However, please note the following points.
  • When frozen, put a seal with a coffee bag or zip lock.
  • Please do not open a sealed bag until you return to normal temperature (because it will be moisture with temperature difference)