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El Paraiso Geisha -Sake-[ junmai ginjo sake & Peach]

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Grind Type:
It has a clear aroma like junmai ginjo sake, and the lingering aftertaste is soft with a slight kumquat-like sweetness. As it cools down, it has a slightly strawberry-like flavor and a sparkling-like dryness that becomes more easily recognizable, making it a Geisha with a Japanese feel that is a perfect combination with Japanese food.

Colombia El Paraiso Geisha -Sake-





junmai ginjo sake, kumquat












Cauca, Piendamo



Washed with fermentation

Diego Samuel Bermúdez

2023 crop

For those of you who have been looking forward to Geisha in El Paraiso, here it is! This time we have a lot of Geisha -Sake- available. We do not have a lot of this Geisha in stock, but it has a gentle sweetness that evokes a sense of harmony. As it cools down, the flavor becomes richer and richer, so we hope you will take the time to enjoy it. This lot is even more mature than the previous lot, and it is easier to taste the dry sake-like flavor. The delicate world of flavors is well in line with the IRODORI JAPANISM theme.

In April, two people in charge of production management from El Paraiso Farm visited Japan. ou.bai.tou.ri was also able to meet them privately.

In fact, we were able to feel the sincerity of the company's efforts to tackle new process challenges and deliciousness. We hope you will enjoy Geisha Sake, a lot that was born out of our love for Japan.

Diego Samuel Bermúdez fell in love with coffee 13 years ago, and although he has little money to spare, he has been passionate about making coffee. Today, he is one of Colombia's leading anaerobics. Today, he has thoroughly researched post-harvest flavor creation and has created new flavors using anaerobic fermentation and unique drying methods, spreading his name around the world year after year. Its greatest appeal is its diversity and rich flavor, which is easy for anyone to understand.

*Tenth place in the 2018 Colombian COE Double Anaerobic Fermentation for the lot selected.

El Paraiso Geisha -Sake-[ junmai ginjo sake & Peach]
El Paraiso Geisha -Sake-[ junmai ginjo sake & Peach] Sale price$21.31