Delicious recipes

We always try to roast so that anyone can brew coffee deliciously. BREW recipes are free for our customers, have different interpretations, and sometimes we find it a lot of fun.

However, I think that some people will get lost, and in ou·bai·tou·ri, drip coffee often uses the following methods.

If you get lost in the method, try it once.

1 cup of recipe

  • Coffee powder: 12g/somey coarsely ground
  • Amount of hot water: 192cc/92°C
1st throw (steaming) 30cc 40sec 
2nd pitch Up to 80cc 1:10
3rd pitch Up to 140cc 1:40
4th pitch 192cc 2:00
They are dropped 192cc 2:30


If you feel sour and your taste balance is out of balance, try grinding the coffee powder a little finely.

If you have a texture that remains in your mouth after drinking, or if you feel a complex astringency like fiber, try grinding it a little coarser.


Please refer to the video as well!