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SIMPLIFY the brewer [Recommended Dripper]

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Dripper recommended by ou.bai.tou.ri coffee roasters

SIMPLIFY the Brewer is a dripper with a revolutionary design that makes it easy to recreate the delicious taste by simply pouring in hot water. ou-bai-tou-ri's signature colorful flavors can also be easily enjoyed.

Features : Lesser, faster and stronger.

Minimising the contact between the brewer and a paper filter, maximising the flow rate. And also, because of the other reasons below, the extraction yield gets high, and the coffee is brewed strong enough.

Six bottom protrusions

The protrusions deform the bottom of the paper filter. The deformation urges water to move inside SIMPLIFY the Brewer, which helps to extract more and more.

<ou-bai-tou-ri coffee roasters official recommended recipes >

  • Filter: Kalita Wave Filter 185
  • Powder quantity: 15 g 
  • Mesh: fine grind (Comandante C40 : 14 clicks)
  • Temperature of hot water: about 91°C
  • Amount of water to be put in: 240 g (the yield is about 190 ml for one mug)


  1. Pour hot water up to 230g. Pour in while stirring.
  2. If it is dropped off within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it is ready to serve!

Key point: Stirring quickly and dropping off in a short time will maximize the sweetness of the bright fruit. It can also produce a refreshing aftertaste!

Please check out our Instagram reel for a video of the recommended recipe and an interview with BATHTUB COFFEE Mr. Ito about his SIMPLIFY making secrets!

About paper filters

We do not include paper filters in our store, but if you would like a sample of several, please let us know in the memo.

SIMPLIFY the brewer [Recommended Dripper]
SIMPLIFY the brewer [Recommended Dripper] Sale price$151.82