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First Timer Coffee Sample

Sale price$9.46


We have prepared a set of the first drink comparison of coffee beans that can be tried by first-time customers. Please enjoy the fruity and floral taste that can not be imagined from coffee, and the colorful taste like spring when cherry plum peach lee blooms. The contents of the set are different every time. We will deliver seasonal recommendations from among our standard coffee beans.

You can choose from the following three types of coffee sets to suit your needs.

(1) 20g x 6 types set

It is a recommended set for those who want to enjoy various kinds because it is only one cup of drip at home. Please choose to leave the beans or powder.

We will include a memo on how to enjoy arranging drip recipes.

(2) Coffee bag x 6 types set

It is recommended for those who do not have equipment or want to try our colorful coffee easily. You can enjoy it deliciously just by pouring hot water.

We will include a note on how to enjoy arranging coffee bag recipes.

Are you a first-timer here? We have a trial pack for you to experience our coffee! We will send  our seasonal coffees (whole bean or ground).

◎About the roasting day to deliver

This product cannot be designated as a roasting date. Please understand in advance. It often sends coffee beans at the time of drinking, which is also in stock at that time.Around the time of drinking our coffee, it is about 2-3 weeks from roasting.Is.


First Timer Coffee Sample
First Timer Coffee Sample Sale price$9.46