Gentle Colorful Flavors to You

We specialize in light-roasted coffee using the freshest, finest specialty grades in season. Enjoy the delicate sweetness and gorgeous flavor experience just like having fruits.

Our Challenges

Why you should try ou.bai.tou.ri coffee roaster #1

You can discover different coffee every day!

We want to make it easier for you to enjoy the highest quality specialty coffee.
Our coffee is packaged from a single cup size.
That way, you can enjoy a variety of coffees every day, depending on your mood.
Our Favorite Choice / ou·bai·tou·ri Premium Selection

Why you should try ou.bai.tou.ri coffee roaster #2

Be colorful in an easy way!

ou·bai·tou·ri’s single serve coffee bag was born from the thoughts of a roaster,
for everyone easily being accessible to our colorful coffee selections.
No equipment is needed.
Just pour hot water into the bag and enjoy the fruity coffee.


Seeking The Finest Aroma

We roast our coffee beans in pursuit of the best aroma, which leads to colorful flavors. With our fine roasting skills, we applied one of the best and most advanced roasting machines, used in a world competition, to create a gentle and colorful coffee experience.

Interview with Our Roaster Machi Kodama

For those of you who want to brew good coffee

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Our Roasting Policy

'ou·bai·tou·ri' is a roaster that seeks coffee beans' unique flavors to their best. Cherry/plum/peach/apricot are also flavors used describing coffees. Our medium-lightly roasted coffees are so flavorful that you can enjoy these fruity tastes.