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Article: our story / About us

our story /  私たちについて

our story / About us

A Japanese idiom referring to cherry blossom, plum, peach, and apricot. It is an expression of individuality and originality should be respected, instead of being compared; a cherry blossom should bloom like as it is, and a peach tree has its beauty.

A Japanese four-character idiom that represents cherry blossoms, plums, peaches, and seasons. Cherry blossoms bloom like cherry blossoms, and peaches have a unique beauty of peaches, and the teaching is to polish individuality rather than compare.

'ou·bai·tou·ri' is a roaster that seeks coffee beans' unique flavors to their best. Cherry/plum/peach/apricot are also flavors used describing coffees. Our medium-lightly roasted coffees are so flavorful that you can enjoy these fruity tastes.
For our customers to have a thorough experience, we don't end here; we also stick through how to extract the best coffee, along with providing other information.

We ou.bai.tou·ri aims to roast coffee beans so that each flavor shines.
Cherry/plum/peach/ericot can actually feel such a flavor by roasting your specialty coffee a little shallower. In addition, I would like to make it a place where you can touch the extraction so that you can drink the beans you purchase deliciously.

We sincerely hope you enjoy coffees that are beyond your imagination, with their fruitiness, floralness, and vividness of various flavors that resemble spring blossoms blooming.

Please enjoy the fruity and floral taste that can not be imagined from coffee, and the colorful taste like spring when sakura plum peach lee blooms.

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Brewing Method/ ドリップレシピについて

About Brewing Method/ Drip Recipes

Enjoy an endless hand drip world through ou.bay tou·ri coffee beans. First of all, we will introduce our standard recipe as the entrance.

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