Recipes for Ice Cafe Late Recipes

A nice day that is satisfied is continuing!

Today is the recommended recipe for ice cafe latte

I will introduce you.


Espresso Single Shot (23 g)  
Milk (almond milk also recommended) 180 cc


Sugar syrup spoon 1 cup (as you like)


  1. Add 2-3 ice to the glass.
  2. Steer with a spoon and discard the melted water (glass will be cold and a sense of concentration with a sense of concentration.)
  3. Get 180cc milk
  4. Single Single Shot Espresso


When you put a slight sugar syrup, espresso and milk are well connected,

You can enhance the unity of the drink.

Not only milk, but also the arrangement menu that changed to almond milk is also recommended for the current season.





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AnnasysPorma June 03, 2021

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