Gentle color flavor to you.

It is a specialty shop of shallow roasted coffee using seasonal fresh and highest quality specialty grade. Please enjoy the soft sweetness and gorgeous flavor experience like fruit.

What we want to challenge.

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I can meet new coffee every day.

Top quality specialty coffee
With the hope that you can enjoy it more easily,
I made a cup of coffee in a package.
Therefore, you can enjoy various coffees every day according to your mood.

Our Favorite Choice / Sakurako Peach Li Premium Selection

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Colorful easily.

Sakura Ume Momo Lee coffee bag was born from the thoughts of a loster. No equipment is required.
Just pour hot water and you'll enjoy a fruity and colorful cup of coffee.


Get up with the best smell

As we enjoy colorful flavors, we have been eating and roasting the best smell while consulting with coffee beans. Because you need a fine control, we will use the state-of-the-art roasting machine used in the World Congress and aim for a gentle colorful coffee experience.

Roasted person Kojo Makoto Interview

For those of you who want to know how to brew coffee.

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I want to know more coffee

Sakurako Momo Li Coffee Seminar

The feeling of coffee is more fun and more enjoyable, the training room is open and the location of learning is provided to everyone.

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Our Roasting Policy

'ou·bai·tou·ri' is a roaster that seeks coffee beans' unique flavors to their best. Cherry/plum/peach/apricot are also flavors used describing coffees. Our medium-lightly roasted coffees are so flavorful that you can enjoy these fruity tastes.