HEAD ROAR / Headroster

Shinji Kodama

Raised in Los Angeles, USA. WashingtonDcAfter graduating from university, he returned to Japan.In addition to his work in the apparel industry, consultants, and English teachers, he became interested in roasting coffee and started home roasting using sample roasters.2019From 2000, he studied barista skills at a café in Harajuku. In addition, in addition, it is an international qualification to learn the taste technology of coffee in earnest.QGet arabica grader. And roasting camp retreats andRMTC2019to hone their roasting skills.10In May, personal projectsLily& Coffee And opened a store at an event in Yamagata.2020World Congress official roasting machine in 2008GiesenIntroduced. Based on his brightness and inquiring mind, he continues to train roasting techniques in search of a new generation of specialty coffee.

  • Roast Masters Team Challenge 2019 KantoA team (#1)
  • CQI licensed Q arabica grader (2019-)

Quality Control / Seminar Lecturer

Takashi Takanaka

In college, he worked part-time at a coffee shop for two and a half years, and was fascinated by espresso, purchasing his own espresso machine and holding café events. Even after graduating from university, he regularly held café events while working as an engineer. In 2016, he became interested in roasting and started home roasting using sample roasters. In 2018, he decided to learn coffee in earnest, and obtained an international qualification, Q Arabica grader, and experienced a number of coffee competition judges. Taking advantage of the goodness of footwork, we provide coffee space, exchange meetings, on-site coffee, and other activities that are not bound by boundaries.

Activity results

  • Japan Coffee Royalting Championship 2018-2019 Sensory Judge (Certified Jury)
  • Japan Coffee in Good Spilits 2019 Judge
  • Roarst Masters Team Challenge 2018-2019 Tohoku Team
  • CQI lisenced Q arabica Qrader (2018-)
  • SCA lisended Coffee Skills Proglam : Brewing foundation lavel
  • SCA lisended Coffee Skills Proglam : Barista foundation lavel
  • JCQA Certified Coffee Instructor Level 2