Our Favorite Choice / Sakurako Peach Li Premium Selection


Sakurako Peach Li Premium Selection, which delivers a gentle and seasonal colorful coffee, like a beauty that changes the season.

We will deliver seasonal coffee that we want to recommend now for your customers.

Enjoy a spring-like colorful taste that can not be imagined from the coffee and a spring that blooms in Sakuraga Peach Li.


リ リ Request is in the memo column

Which beans will arrive, but if you have a request, please feel free to fill in your order. As the contents of the selection will be selected as much as possible, we will deliver it to be interesting, even if you order it many times.

If you receive your thoughts when you order the last time, you will be easier to choose to your customers. It is fortunate to receive a comment.

◎ について About the roasted date to be delivered

We will ship fresh coffee beans within one week from roasting.If you have hope for roasting days, such as take roasting, please let us know when ordering.When I drinking our shop's coffee, I was drinking from the 14th to 28th from the 14th dayis.


We also offer a set of deals for the first time for your first customer.


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