Single Serve Coffee Bags / Coffee Bag Set


Selected OU Bai · Tou · Ri Coffee Roasters Seasonal flavored coffee grinded with a rich coffee in the aluminum pack. When you open the seal, the bliss aroma scent spreads to the room. Pour hot water and enjoy it in 2 minutes. When you want to concentrate on work, it is also recommended to those who do not have coffee equipment. Please enjoy.

Easy to put in hot water Easy Coffee Bag will be sent as one set.

◎ Extraction method
1, 200 ml of hot water in the cup containing coffee bag
2, spoon out several times.
After 3 and 2 minutes, take out the coffee bag.

リ リ Request is in the memo column

The select is chosen by the rooster, but if you have a request, please feel free to list.

Easy As Just Simmering A Coffee Bag in Some Hot Water! We Will Send You Several Different Coffees in A Set; Wait and See Which ONES WILL ARRIVE.

How To Make A Quick Coffee: 1. Pour 200ml of Hot Water Into A Cup With A Coffee Bag, 2. Stir and Sink The Coffee Bag Couple of Times, 3. Wait for 2 Minutes and Take Out The Bag. ENJOY!

The expiration date is 3 months from the manufacturing date.


Our shop will basically be "reception roasting" to roast coffee beans after ordering. If you have a request, you can also send out stock beans.

場合 In the case of "order roasting"

After ordering, we will carefully roast and ship within 2 days from the roasting date.

※ Please note that depending on the order status may have fluctuations.


場合 When "immediately shipping"

If you want to send it immediately, you can deliver the latest inventory beans immediately. Please say "Delivery immediately" hope of the order when ordering. We will send you something within one week from the roasting date. The guidelines for our shops are the best from 14th to 28th.

※ Please note that depending on the order situation, may not be this limited. In this case, we will contact you by email.


There are some products that can not be selected by the product, so please refer to the product details in detail.




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